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2 3 QIMR Berghofer LIFELAB | Summer 2019 QIMR Berghofer LIFELAB | Summer 2019 Here’s wishing you all a warm welcome to 2019. I have come back from the short Christmas break full of enthusiasm for the year ahead and the improvements we will contribute to health and wellbeing. As you can see from this edition of LIFELAB, we have an outstanding diversity of ground-breaking research projects currently in progress. Our lead article provides an overview of the breadth of research in progress in our Gut Health Laboratory, appropriate for this time of year. Our research team is contributing to many projects, including triaging the high volume of colonoscopy referrals, developing a Crohn’s disease assessment tool, and launching the Gut-Brain Connection study. Read more on page 4. On page 8, we investigate an exciting new research project on bipolar disorder, led by Professor Sarah Medland who is the Acting Head of our Mental Health Program. The study aims to reveal the specific and heritable genes associated with this illness and determine why only some people respond to medications. We are currently recruiting for participants, with the full details provided in the article. © 2019 QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute ABN 31 411 813 344 LIFELAB is delivered in ‘EcoPureTM’ plastic wrapping and is 100% biodegradable. The paper is recycled in accordance withe Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC). We are also partway through the Ovarian Cancer Prognosis and Lifestyle Study, known as OPAL, looking at the effects of diet and lifestyle on survival of women with ovarian cancer. While we know that a good diet is important for a healthy life in general, there is currently no evidence as to whether these factors might be able to stop a cancer from returning. Read more on page 10. I would like to thank you for your most generous contribution in support of the recent Christmas appeal. I am sure you will agree, few are more Dedicated to Humanity than the passionate researchers working to improve medicines and health outcomes for people like you who support them. Much of the research conducted at QIMR Berghofer simply would not be possible without your generosity. Professor Frank Gannon Director and CEO Contents Summer 2019 Issue 101 Published by QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute EDITOR: Paul Rees EDITORIAL TEAM: Leonie Cavanagh, Kate Beresford, Julia Little, Siobhan Barry, Gail Burke DESIGN AND PRODUCTION TEAM: Madeleine Kersting Flynn, Ciara O’Hanlon, Sonya Hansen CONTRIBUTORS: Dr Graham Radford-Smith, Dr Sarah Medland, Professor Rajiv Khanna AO, Professor Michael Pender, Dr Gordana Rasic, Mr Jue Sheng Ong, Associate Professor Stuart MacGregor, Professor Penelope (Penny) Webb, Dr Miranda Vidgen, Associate Professor Michelle Hill, Mrs Louise Remmerswaal, Mrs Robyn Britton, Mrs Sharon McCartney, Mrs Anna Welch, Mrs Gollisa Thomson, Professor Frank Gannon CONTACT: 300 Herston Road 4006 Australia Locked Bag 2000 Royal Brisbane Hospital QLD 4029 Australia Telephone: 1800 993 000 Email: Fax: 07 3362 0102 Website: Cover image: Maintaining good gut health is very much a holistic approach Artist: Madeleine Flynn 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 Pathways to good gut health Ground-breaking immunotherapy trial improves multiple sclerosis symptoms Launching the Australian Genetics of Bipolar Disorder Study How lifestyle impacts survivors of ovarian cancer Outsmarting the dengue mosquito Opinion Piece: How is your DNA being shared? Giving hope to future generations Community news FROM THE DIRECTOR Stay informed of the latest news from QIMR Berghofer by receiving LIFELAB in your inbox or letterbox. Simply visit magazine SIGN UP