A future without dementia?
Yes We Can.



With one of the most exciting breakthroughs in dementia treatment for twenty years, we need your help to make this treatment a reality.

Associate Professor Anthony White is a true visionary in dementia research. After the heartbreak of watching the disease slowly take away his mother, he was determined to make a difference to change the outcomes for millions of other families.

Associate Professor White has successfully developed an invitro brain model to study the ability of drugs to pass across cell barriers. QIMR Berghofer is working with the Queensland Brain Institute’s CJCADR Director and world-renowned therapeutic ultrasound expert, Professor Jürgen Götz, on their world-first research to deliver drugs across the blood-brain barrier using ultrasound.

This is an amazing advance in medical science, one that could for the very first time – and with your support – enable significant new treatment options for dementia.

In 98 percent of cases, drugs are blocked from entering the brain due to the blood-brain barrier, a highly selective semipermeable border of cells, and this has been the major problem for treating people with dementia.

Using technology pioneered by QBI’s Professor Jürgen Götz, Anthony’s team has demonstrated that the pathway which allows the effective delivery of a new drug called ‘Aduhelm’ across the barrier in the invitro model systems may help improve the approaches used for treating the brain.

“In the last two decades we have grown our understanding of how complex dementia is. While a lot of the focus has been on treating people after they’ve had very overt symptoms, we want to stop dementia as early as possible to try and slow the disease early.”

Associate Professor White

That is why your support is needed, to help continue the life-changing work being done at QIMR Berghofer by researchers such as Associate Professor White and his team.

Most of us, will not escape this disease, either knowing someone who is living with dementia, supporting a loved one, or being diagnosed with it.

We can’t wait another twenty years to find a breakthrough of this kind, please show your support with your tax deductible donation.


Professor Fabienne Mackay, shares more about this amazing advance in medical science in her letter.

Letter from Professor Fabienne Mackay, Director & CEO

There are many families like ours

Garry Smith was 75 years old.

He had a sharp mind, enjoyed walking and spending time with his three young grandsons.

But a trip to the hospital for a respiratory illness would change his life forever. The onset of dementia was swift and heartbreaking. His family didn’t see it coming.

Garry often finds it difficult to remember what life was like. Dementia has taken away his loving memories, one chapter at a time. For now, he still recognises his three young grandsons, Freddie (9), Louis (7) and Tommy (5), but his daughter Bridget knows that may not be for long. This is her story in her own words.


A future without dementia forum

QIMR Berghofer was delighted to host this forum on Wednesday 15 June 2022 sharing the latest medical advances on dementia with over 170 guests.

Missed the forum? No worries you can still watch the recording above and meet the scientists working to make dementia a disease of the past.

Hear from some of Australia’s pre-eminent dementia researchers about breakthroughs, treatments and care available for people living with this devastating disease.

Our sincere apologies for the issues with the sound that occurs at around 50-53 minutes in this video. Unfortunately we experienced trouble with our microphones during the live event.