Workplace Giving


Workplace giving is a simple cost-effective way to regularly donate to QIMR Berghofer. It provides employees with the opportunity to make regular pre-tax donations through automated payroll deductions without the need to keep and claim receipts.

Regular donations make a big difference in helping our researchers plan for important projects and programs that may otherwise not be possible.


Payroll donations are deducted from your gross salary before tax, potentially reducing your taxable income. You receive the tax benefit immediately rather than having to wait until the end of the financial year.

If your workplace already has a program, sign up today and you can start helping life-changing research straight away.

If your workplace doesn’t currently have a workplace giving program contact us, and we can help get you started.


Including QIMR Berghofer in your workplace giving program has numerous benefits including:

  • access to world-class researchers to share the direct impact of your support
  • supporting a breadth of research across cancer, mental health, infectious diseases and chronic disorders which is relevant to every employee, family member and friend
  • opportunity to foster a culture of giving that contributes to staff morale and loyalty
  • building your company’s reputation as an ‘Employer of Choice’


In-house workplace giving programs are easy to establish and can be delivered through your regular payroll system. Once established, there is little ongoing maintenance or cost incurred for your business.

Elect to implement a matching gift program, where you match your employees’ donations dollar-for-dollar. This is a further incentive for staff to take part and shows your commitment to the causes your staff care about. Together, you can make a vital and meaningful difference.

If you are interested in workplace giving for your organisation please contact us.

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