Fundraising Terms of Agreement

We realise you are very keen to begin fundraising for QIMR Berghofer and sincerely appreciate your efforts, but before you get started, we ask that you please read through and ensure that you comply with the following Fundraising Guidelines.

Thanks again for your kind support!

1.    Fundraising for QIMR Berghofer

1.1    In these Fundraising Guidelines, Fundraiser means the individual or organisation holding the Fundraising Activity on behalf of QIMR Berghofer.

1.2    These Fundraising Guidelines provide the basis for a Fundraising Activity to be organised by the Fundraiser for the benefit of QIMR Berghofer. If accepted by the Fundraiser by creating your Everyday Hero fundraising page, these Fundraising Guidelines will form the basis of any dealings between QIMR Berghofer and the Fundraiser in relation to the Fundraising Activity.

1.3    Regulation and best practice in Australia dictate that any person or organisation fundraising must have an ‘authority to fundraise’. The Fundraiser is not authorised to use QIMR Berghofer as its beneficiary charity until it has received an authorisation letter from QIMR Berghofer or Everyday Hero on behalf of QIMR Berghofer.  This authority will be for a specified period and is non-transferable.

1.4    This will be sent when:

a)    The Fundraiser creates a fundraising page on Everyday Hero for their Fundraising Activity and selects QIMR Berghofer as their chosen charity (and by doing so, is taken to confirm their acceptance of these Fundraising Guidelines);

b)    We are satisfied that the Fundraising Activity fits in with the aims and values of QIMR Berghofer; and

c)    We are satisfied the Fundraising Activity is not high risk.

1.5    The Fundraising Activity shall be conducted in the Fundraiser’s name and is the sole responsibility of the Fundraiser.

1.6    QIMR Berghofer prides itself on its reputation as a world class medical research institute. In keeping with the high ethical standards under which we operate, there are some Fundraising Activities with which we cannot be associated. For example, we cannot endorse some activities that may be dangerous, risky, have inappropriate themes or promote unhealthy habits.

1.7    QIMR Berghofer is unable to provide public liability insurance cover to community fundraisers. The Fundraiser must provide evidence of public liability insurance to cover themselves and their participants, if they have any.

1.8    The Fundraiser’s arrangements for the Fundraising Activity should be planned with the approval of QIMR Berghofer and submitted to QIMR Berghofer by filling out the requested details in the online registration form.

1.9    QIMR Berghofer may be able to provide you with fact sheets about our latest research or promotional material to hand out at your Fundraising Activity. Material can be ordered from QIMR Berghofer after you have created your fundraising page by phoning FREECALL 1800 993 000.

1.10    If you have a business, you may wish to donate a percentage of sales over a period of time to QIMR Berghofer. In order to do so, you will need to contact QIMR Berghofer’s External Relations Group to make arrangements which satisfy QIMR Berghofer and the Department of Gaming and Racing guidelines for working with a trader.

2.    Using the QIMR Berghofer Name and Logo

2.1    Please remember that the Fundraising Activity will not be QIMR Berghofer’s Fundraising Activity, but a Fundraising Activity to raise funds for QIMR Berghofer.

2.2    All material with which the QIMR Berghofer name and logo is to be associated must first be approved by QIMR Berghofer. If the Fundraiser wishes to utilise the QIMR Berghofer name and/or logo on any materials or products, the Fundraiser must make a request to QIMR Berghofer in writing to obtain prior permission from QIMR Berghofer and must only use logos supplied by QIMR Berghofer. Logos must not be downloaded from the website.

2.3    If the Fundraiser wishes to refer to or promote QIMR Berghofer, it must refer to QIMR Berghofer as “QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute (QIMR Berghofer)” or “QIMR Berghofer”.  The Fundraiser has no right to the name “QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute” or “QIMR Berghofer” nor is the Fundraiser given any right to act in that name.

2.4    Suggested wording would be “proudly supporting QIMR Berghofer” or “funds raised help QIMR Berghofer create better health through medical research”.

2.5    Permission for logo usage must be sought from QIMR Berghofer and may attract conditions to be negotiated between QIMR Berghofer and the Fundraiser, especially if the use of the logo is for marketing activities of the organisation, and a minimum donation amount may have to be guaranteed.

2.6    Visual Guidelines on how to use the logo are supplied in QIMR Berghofer’s Style Guide and must be complied with for all uses of the QIMR Berghofer logo.

2.7    Any material, pamphlets, brochures or products for which logo representation is requested must be submitted to QIMR Berghofer for approval before production.

3.    Media and Public Relations

3.1    Where possible, we request that all media material and press releases that name QIMR Berghofer be approved by QIMR Berghofer prior to circulation.

3.2    QIMR Berghofer is more than happy to discuss any ideas that the Fundraiser may have for media materials.

4.    Finance, records and receipting

4.1    The financial aspects of all fundraising, raffles, record keeping and management of the Fundraising Activity are entirely the responsibility of the Fundraiser and the Fundraiser must comply with the Charitable Fundraising Act and Regulations.

4.2    The Charitable Fundraising Act and Regulations highlight the need to protect the public interest and require that Fundraisers:

a)    Set-up and maintain proper financial records and accounts which can be audited if necessary;

b)    Provide QIMR Berghofer at the outset with an accurate estimate of expenses and the likely proceeds of the Fundraising Activity;

c)    Where necessary/appropriate, set up a separate bank account. All funds are to be banked into this separate bank account. The account must be closed after your Fundraising Activity;

d)    Money raised must be returned to QIMR Berghofer within 4 weeks of the Fundraising Activity.

Basic tips for record keeping – a simple way to keep track of the financial details of your Fundraising Activity is to keep a folder with a number of plastic sleeves.  Use individual sleeves to keep receipts, bank deposit stubs, cheques donated, donor pledge/tally sheets, receipts.

4.3    Donations made through your Everyday Hero fundraising page will be treated as per the Everyday Hero Terms and Conditions detailed on their website. It is the responsibility of the Fundraiser to familiarise themselves with these terms.

4.4    QIMR Berghofer cannot pay expenses incurred by you, but you can deduct your necessary expenses from the proceeds of your Fundraising Activity, provided they are properly documented.

4.5    Receipts for donations made through your fundraising page will be issued by Everyday Hero in compliance with their procedures and the funds transferred to QIMR Berghofer.

4.6    If you are holding an event as part of your Fundraising Activities and require a receipt, QIMR Berghofer can provide official receipts for approved Fundraising Activities. Tax-deductible receipts can only be issued to people donating money of AUD$2 or more. The Fundraiser must keep a register of all attendees/supporters eligible for a tax-deductible receipt and send this list into QIMR Berghofer. QIMR Berghofer will then issue receipts directly to those individuals or businesses. The Fundraiser may not issue receipts on QIMR Berghofer’s behalf.  It is the responsibility of the Fundraiser to understand the circumstances when a receipt can be issued, and to whom.

NB: The following are not tax-deductible: Ticket purchases (eg. raffle), entry to an event, donations of goods or services, auction purchases.

5.    Legal Implications

5.1    The Fundraising Activity must meet requirements of relevant State laws and regulations. The information you give QIMR Berghofer must be available to regulatory authorities on request.

5.2    QIMR Berghofer may notify the appropriate regulatory authorities in the event that the money raised is not paid to QIMR Berghofer within the 4 weeks of the Fundraising Activity, or if QIMR Berghofer has any other concerns relating to the compliance of the Fundraiser with state or territory laws.

6.    Fundraising and Physical Activities

6.1    By creating a fundraising page connected to Fundraising Activity which involves a physical activity or fitness event, the Fundraiser is taken to:

a)    agree, represent, and warrant that they have received consent from their physician to participate in health and fitness programs, workouts, exercises, or any other related activities connected to the Fundraiser’s Fundraising Activities and declare that the Fundraiser is physically fit and have trained sufficiently to participate in and complete the Fundraising Activity;

b)    waive, release and discharge QIMR Berghofer and its officers, employees, contractors, volunteers or agents involved in the Fundraising Activity from all claims or causes of action the Fundraiser may have (including for negligence) arising from any injury, loss or damage of any kind suffered by the Fundraiser including personal injury, illness or death and/or loss or damage to any property (in so far as this does not breach the provisions of the relevant Australian Consumer Law) arising either directly or indirectly out of their attendance at or participation in the Fundraising Activity;

c)    waive, release and discharge QIMR Berghofer and its officers, employees, contractors, volunteers or agents involved in the Fundraising Activity from all claims or causes of action the Fundraiser or any person under his/her care may have (including for negligence) arising from any injury, loss or damage of any kind suffered by any person or property being pushed, carried, accompanied or in any like manner by the Fundraiser. This includes children in child-carrying devices (in so far as this does not breach the provisions of the relevant Australian Consumer Law) arising either directly or indirectly out of any attendance at or participation in the Fundraising Activity;

d)    agree to take all necessary precautions and actions to ensure any child or person accompanying the Fundraiser, whether in a child-carrying device or not, is safe;

e)    indemnify and will keep indemnified QIMR Berghofer and its officers, employees, contractors, volunteers and agents against all costs, losses or damages arising from or in relation to the Fundraiser’s attendance at or participation in the Fundraising Activity including the attendance or participation of any person in their care; and

f)    consent to the free use of Fundraiser’s name and pictures of them in any broadcast, telecast and print by QIMR Berghofer in relation to the Fundraising Activity.

7.    QIMR Berghofer Assistance and Involvement

7.1    There are certain areas where QIMR Berghofer can assist your Fundraising Activity and these include:

a)    Provision of a Fundraising Letter of Authority which verifies you as an Approved Fundraiser to assist you when approaching potential supporters

b)    Fact sheets and applicable posters if available about QIMR Berghofer and our research

c)    Promoting your Fundraising Activity on QIMR Berghofer’s social media platforms

d)    Borrowing QIMR Berghofer branded banners subject to their availability at the time of the Fundraising Activity

7.2    Please note that QIMR Berghofer cannot provide the following:

a)    Access to our database of supporters for your promotion or marketing purposes

b)    Staff or volunteers to run the Fundraising Activity

c)    Sales of tickets as part of your Fundraising Activity

d)    Prizes for raffles or competitions as part of your Fundraising Activity

e)    Applying for relevant permits or insurance covers

7.3    Attendance by QIMR Berghofer staff at the Fundraising Activity is not assured and is dependent upon a variety of factors including but not limited to the location of the Fundraising Activity, the scheduling of the Fundraising Activity and staff resourcing available at the time of the Fundraising Activity.

Thank you for supporting QIMR Berghofer.