Morning Sickness Study


QIMR Berghofer has an ongoing study that aims to identify risk factors that will help predict which women may be at risk of developing severe morning sickness. The study’s goal is to improve the treatment options for women with severe morning sickness, by allowing earlier intervention. 


Participation involves

  • Online survey (approximately 15-20 minute)
  • Voluntary donation of a saliva sample


Eligibility criteria 

We are seeking women 18 years of age and over, and are currently, or have been pregnant at least once, to participate in the study.


Description of the Study

Nausea and vomiting during pregnancy is common and 75 % of women experience some symptoms during their first trimester of pregnancy.

Around 3 % of women develop extreme morning sickness (hyperemesis gravidarum). These women tend to lose weight (or not gain weight) during their pregnancy and are not able to maintain hydration and adequate nutrition. This may require medical intervention and can have serious consequences for the mother and baby.

The study’s goal is to improve the treatment options for women with severe morning sickness by allowing earlier intervention.

Participating in the study involves completing an online questionnaire which includes sections on your general health and experiences of morning sickness as well as potential risk factors for morning sickness, such as having twins.

While we are focusing on finding risk factors for severe morning sickness, we are interested in all experiences of morning sickness ranging from women who have had uneventful or mild morning sickness to those who have had severe morning sickness or developed hyperemesis gravidarum.

You may then be invited to participate in a follow-up study focusing on genetic risk factors that influence morning sickness.

QIMR-HREC approval reference: P1515

Recruitment status: OPEN

Open date:  2013

Close date: ONGOING

Coordinating Principle Investigator:



Coordinating Principal Investigator: Professor Sarah Medland

Contact details:

T: 1800 257 179

A: QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute

Locked Bag 2000, Royal Brisbane Hospital,

Herston, QLD, 4029, AUSTRALIA

For more information and to participate in this study, call us on 1800 257 179 or email: