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The role of genomics in understanding psychiatric and neurological disease

Project Supervisor/s

Project is suitable for PhD students only. Applicants with backgrounds in Psychology, Psychiatry, Statistics or Public Health are preferred.

Over the past decade, large-scale collaborative projects have significantly increased our knowledge and understanding of the genetic risk factors for mental health and neurological conditions across the lifespan.

Translation of genetic findings is usually conceptualised as a process involving the characterisation of implicated loci, identification of treatment targets, drug development and clinical trials. However, the accurate communication of the promises and limitations of new research findings is an essential part of research translation as is examining the utility of analytic techniques such as polygenic risk scores.

This project will focus on examining the ways genomic data could be used in clinical practice and the accuracy and specificity of these techniques. The project will require a strong background in statistics and research methodology.

Please note this is a dry lab analysis focused project.

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