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Physiological signal analysis from infancy to adolescence

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Suitable for PhD, Masters or Honours students.

The advent of precision medicine demands better tools for measuring human structure and function. A particularly important period of development where this lack of diagnostic and prognostic tools is felt in earnest, is the period from infancy to adolescence. We measure the function of the brain, heart and lungs during sleep to reveal important information on human health in this cohort. By taking advantage of advances in data analysis and computation, we develop tools that can track developmental trajectories more accurately, leading to improved patient stratification. In this project, we will implement head models that mature with a patient to convert electroencephalogram signals into source space for improved assessment of brain connectivity and network/graph analysis to discover the interplay between brain, heart and lung function. The resultant tools will be evaluated as developmental biomarkers as well as diagnostic tools to detect disease and monitor the response to interventions.

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