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Mosquito genomics for better control of mosquito-borne diseases

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Projects can be adapted to suit Honours, Masters and PhD level students

New technologies to control mosquitoes and diseases they transmit are developing rapidly – from the natural pathogen-blocking symbiotic bacteria to the engineered “selfish genes”. In creating and assessing new mosquito control technologies, we take the approach “from the field – to the lab – back to the field”. This means that we study natural mosquito populations, do laboratory experiments, and aim to produce practical solutions for field deployment. In doing so, we generate and analyse genomic data from a single mosquito cell to a system of mosquito populations. We welcome students who are interested in using genomics to understand:

  • how mosquitoes move and mate in different environments, before and after a control campaign (landscape genomics),
  • how different genes affect mosquito development (identifying new targets for genetic control).  

If these are not your cup of tea, but you are passionate about (hating or loving) mosquitoes and think you have good research ideas – get in touch – we might be able to help you pursue your dream mosquito project!

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