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Genetic changes underlying colorectal cancer initiation and progression

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Suitable for PhD and Honours Students.

In the Conjoint Gastroenterology Laboratory, we are interested in characterising the genetic changes underlying the progression of pre-cancerous colonic polyps to colon cancer. We work closely with clinicians specialising in Gastroenterology, Pathology, Oncology and Genetics to increase our understanding of this disease and improve patient management and outcomes.

Potential projects will examine candidate genes for a role in the development of colorectal cancer, selected from bioinformatic analysis of genome-wide data including expression arrays, DNA methylation array profiling and next generation genomic sequencing. Candidate genes will be examined in a clinically and molecularly well-defined series of colorectal polyps and cancers. Functional studies will be conducted in colorectal cancer cell lines and in xenograft models. Techniques used will include cancer organoid culture, co-culture with immune cells and drug studies to develop new chemotherapy and immunotherapy approaches for improving outcomes for patients with colorectal cancer.


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