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Genetic and environmental influences on brain structure and function

Project Supervisor/s

The project is suitable for an Honours student.


Genetic and environmental factors influence the structure and function of the human brain. Disentangling and quantifying these sources of variation (genetic and environmental) may be crucial to understanding the brain’s genetic architecture and how it relates to typical and atypical brain function.


To provide a normative reference of healthy brain structure for future studies of neurological and psychiatric disorders by establishing a robust map of genetic and environmental influences on the brain.


This project uses brain structure and function measures collected in genetically informative datasets. Statistical approaches such as twin modelling and polygenic risk scores will be applied to neuroimaging measures to elucidate genetic and environmental influences on brain structure and function.

Project Potential

To identify the factors contributing to differences in brain structure and function between individuals and highlight brain regions especially vulnerable to genetic and environmental influences.

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