Sample Processing

Underpinning outstanding and reproducible science, are consistent and high quality samples.  The quality of these samples is largely dependent on the timing, collection, storage conditions and sample preparation techniques used.  The consistency of producing these samples is paramount in producing consistent and meaningful data.

The Sample Processing Service provides expertise and service for the pre-analytical preparation of biological samples and is designed to efficiently and economically meet requirements.  The service works alongside researchers and clients, to design bespoke solutions for the collection, transportation, storage, aliquoting, blood fractioning and cell isolation, nucleic extraction (DNA and RNA extraction), sample QC, and PCR of samples.  Capacity for high-throughput processing or single sample processing is accommodated.  The Service dovetails a range of the Scientific Services to provide a seamless product from sample collection to data.


Susan List-Armitage
T +61 7 3845 3873

  • Advice for sample collection design and project logistics
  • Sample accession and storage in LIMS system
  • Pre-analytical processing and handling of biologicals
  • Blood fractioning and storage, including cell isolation using density gradient centrifugation (e.g. PBMC isolation)
  • Nucleic extraction (high-throughput and individualised) from a variety of sources including:
         >   Blood and blood products – whole blood, buffy coat, circulating cell-free fluids
         >   Saliva – collection kit, fresh
         >   Tissue – fresh, frozen and formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE)
         >   Urine
         >   Faeces
  • Post-extraction processing:
         >   Dilution and Normalisation
         >   Plating – 48, 96, 384 well formats
         >   PCR
  • Sample QC:
         >   Spectrophotomic (Nanodrop)
         >   Fluorescence (Qubit, Picogreen)
         >   Tapestation
         >   Agarose Gel

Nucleic extraction

  • Perkin Elmer/Chemagic 360 : nucleic extraction automation (Volumes 200µL to 10mL)
  • Prepito : Perkin Elmer/Chemagic nucleic extraction automation (using IVD kits, volume 100µL to 600µL)

Liquid Handling Automation

  • Biomek4000 : Beckman Liquid Handling automation
  • Janus NGS Express : Perkin Elmer Liquid Handling automation

Sample QC

  • Biotek Synergy HT/H4: Spectrophotomic and fluorescence reading
  • Agilent Tapestation: automated electrophoresis of DNA and RNA
  • Agilent Bioanalyzer: analytical evaluation of DNA and RNA using chip-based capillary electrophoresis
  • Thermo Fisher Qubit: fluorometric quantitation of DNA and RNA
  • Lisa Bowdler
  • Nadine Schulz
  • Tu Parsons
  • Tabatha Goncalves
  • XiaoQing Chen
  • Daniel Betts