Laboratory samples are often the culmination of hundreds of hours of extensive research and laboratory work. The Cryogenics department endeavors to protect the end result of our client’s hard work.

  • We provide safe and reliable sample storage for our onsite laboratories, as well as external clients
  • Samples in vapour phase liquid nitrogen storage are safe from power outages and cross contamination with organisms like Mycoplasma
  • Our label printing service and sample tracking software allow users to track every sample accurately
  • Our cryostorage is world-class and cost effective


Steven Crooks
Cryogenics Supervisor
T +61 7 3845 3873

  • Vapour phase liquid nitrogen storage
  • Mycoplasma testing of samples and Mycoplasma free storage
  • Label printing for samples

Chart MVE 1500

The CHART MVE 1500 vapour phase dewar is predominantly used for sample storage in the cryogenics facility. Vapour phase dewars minimise potential contamination with Mycoplasma, stay extremely cold regardless of temporary power outages, and are able to be monitored around the clock.

FreezerPro sample tracking software

FreezerPro is the sample management database we use to store information on individual samples and sample locations. Sample information can only be viewed by users with the appropriate permissions. The software is available for all users that store samples within the cryogenics facility.

Label printing service

Our label printing service saves the user time and assists with accurate sample identification, avoiding the chances of mislabelling or misreading that can occur with written labels on sample tubes. Our pre-printed labels are cryogenic-grade and are resistant to cold, ethanol and water. The Cryogenics Supervisor can provide a variety of labels for different tubes, and labels of larger sizes.