Cell Line QC Testing

The use of contaminated and misidentified cell lines in biomedical research has proliferated to a point where high impact journals require diagnostic evidence that cell lines are free from Mycoplasma contamination and authenticated as the correct cell line via Short Tandem Repeat DNA sequencing.

Research excellence using tissue culture requires that the cultured cells be maintained free of Mycoplasma. We provide a service for the detection of viable Mycoplasma in tissue culture. Our luminescence assay only detects viable/live Mycoplasma. Only small amounts of spent culture media are needed ͠~1mL and will detect as low as 50 cfu’s.

Human cell line authentication uses Short Tandem Repeats (STR) to validate cell line authenticity. A minimum of 10 markers are used to identify a cell line (conforms to ATCC ASN-0002 standard). A small amount of genomic DNA is needed (~50ng) for authentication. Our experienced staff can also offer advice for problematic allelic spectral interpretations.


Paul Collins
T +61 7 3845 3873
E Sequencing@qimrberghofer.edu.au

  • Authentication of human cell line using STR profiling
  • Mycoplasma detection testing in tissue culture using a bioluminescence assay to detect viable Mycoplasma

The quality control department utilises state of the art equipment to provide quality control assays for maintaining research excellence in mammalian tissue culture.

  • Applied Biosystems 3130xl Genetic Analyser
  • Synergy H4
  • Synergy 2
  • Chaitanya Dasari
  • Sally Gregg
  • Nadine Schulz
  • Tu Parsons
  • Lisa Bowdler