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In 2011, almost 44,000 Queenslanders participated in the first stage of the QSkin Sun & Health Study by completing the baseline questionnaire (see below). Some interesting findings from this study are:

  • Average age of participants: 56 years
  • 65% get less than 8 hours of sleep per night (27.5% get less than 7 hours)
  • 16% felt that you were more likely to develop melanoma in the future than other Queenslanders
  • 89% rated your health as good to excellent, compared to other people
  • 72.6% of participants had had their skin checked by a Doctor in the last 3 years
  • Women were more likely than men to check their own skin


The QSkin Sun & Health Study involved people answering a series of questions about themselves, their sun protection behaviours and their medical history.

From this information, the researchers were able to conduct in-depth analyses, and reported their findings in QSkin newsletters and journal article publications.

Click to view the baseline survey here.

Click to view the QSkin II baseline survey here.


Study participants are provided with updates via the QSkin newsletter. Please click the links below to access past issues:


Researchers have made discoveries about risk and prevalence of skin cancer from the first stage of QSkin. These findings have been published in medical journals as follows:

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