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Kiana Berry

Honours Student

Human Malaria Immunology

+617 3845 3705



Kiana graduated from QUT with a Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science in 2020. During her undergraduate degree, Kiana completed 2 laboratory placements; the first was done at QUT’s IHBI under the supervision of A\Prof. Beatrix Feigl in the Medical Retina Group, where she investigated changes to the eye in diabetic patients. The second placement was an 8 week full time clinical placement at Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology in the immunology and serology department. In March 2021, Kiana began an Honours degree through QUT, investigating the innate immune responses to malaria in different clinical settings. Kiana plans to undertake a PhD following completion of her Honours year.

During Kiana’s undergraduate degree, she secured a laboratory technician position at Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology in the Cytology Department and continues to work in this role.


  • Honours student: Boyle Lab


The Human Malaria Immunology Lab’s research is focused on identifying cellular mechanisms that drive the induction of protective humoral responses to human infection. The group primarily focuses on Plasmodium parasite infection, the causative agent of malaria, using a human cohort of experimental and natural infection to understand immune development.

Some of the key research challenges include:

  • Identifying and characterising key functional mechanisms of antibodies that mediate protection
  • Defining the key cellular mechanisms that promote the generation of functional antibodies
  • Quantifying the impact of host age and prior malaria exposure on antibody development


  • Australian and New Zealand Society for Immunology Inc.


  • 2020: Bachelor in Medical Laboratory Science, QUT