Participate in the long COVID Biomarker Trial


Thank you for your interest in our ground-breaking long COVID research and potential new treatment.

See our media release here.

While the drug itself is not yet in clinical trials, if you are suffering from this debilitating condition you may be able to participate in our long COVID Biomarker Trial, which is being conducted as part of the research.

If you would like further information about the Trial, please contact the Biomarker Trial Team.


About the long COVID Biomarker Trial

  • The long COVID Biomarker Trial involves a collection of blood samples taken from people with long COVID.
  • The long COVID Biomarker blood test aims to detect the presence of the biomarker signalling that cells have a protective “lock” on the ACE2 receptor preventing reinfection from COVID.
  • The researchers are also testing the drug, NACE2i, on the blood samples to see if it restores the “lock” on patients with long COVID.