Supportive Care in Cancer

The Supportive Care in Cancer Group conducts research aimed at improving the management and quality of life of cancer patients and their family carers.

Our work spans across many tumour streams with a focus on more vulnerable groups including those people affected by pancreatic, ovarian and brain cancers as well as parents of children with cancer.

We use person-centred approaches to determine the supportive care requirements of patients and carers across all phases of the care continuum, from diagnosis to death or bereavement.

We also conduct comprehensive evaluations to identify the most promising interventions and models of care, and trial new innovative support interventions.


  • Bianca Sebben
  • Hanna Beebe
  • James Bennett-Levy
  • Justine Huynh
  • Lena Von Schuckmann
  • Maryrose Malt
  • Natalie Roset
  • Tracey DiSipio


PARTING: Psilocybin-Assisted suppoRtive psychoTherapy IN the treatment of prolonged Grief

The project would be suitable for an Honours or PhD student in the field of psychology or psychiatry. While grief is a normal reaction to loss, 30% of cancer carers are reported to experience prolonged grief disorder. Patients with prolonged grief require grief-focused intervention in addition to the depression-focused treatment. Several landmark double-blinded randomised controlled […]

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PROPCare: Practice Of supporting Partners and family Carers: They are not our patients – a system failure or not?

The project would be suitable for an Honours, Masters Dissertation or PhD student. In hospitals, patients are the focus of care, they have a UR number and hospitals can bill for their care; this is not the case for carers. Family carers of patients with pancreatic cancer are confronted with the need to assist in the […]

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