Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

Dr Ellie Paige

Team Head


The Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Group focuses on generating epidemiological evidence to guide policy and practice decisions to improve the prevention of cardiovascular and related chronic diseases. A particular focus is on using big data and modelling to enhance disease risk prediction to guide treatment decisions in primary care and generating evidence to address gaps in implementation of preventive interventions.



  • Developing a cardiovascular disease microsimulation model for Australia, generating evidence on the population health impacts and cost-effectiveness of different preventive approaches.
  • Utilising electronic health records and linked data to develop an Australian cardiovascular disease risk prediction equation based on contemporary and Australian-specific data.
  • Investigating the utility of genetic information to improve cardiovascular disease risk prediction in Australia.
  • Cardiovascular disease

External Collaborators

  • Professor Emily Banks, ANU
  • Professor Rod Jackson, University of Auckland
  • Associate Professor Grace Joshy, ANU
  • Professor Kim Greaves, Sunshine Coast University Hospital
  • Professor Angela Wood, University of Cambridge
  • Dr Lisa Pennells, University of Cambridge
  • Cancer Council NSW
  • The National Heart Foundation of Australia
  • The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare