Mental Health

Head of the Mental Health Program:
Professor James Scott

In any year, approximately one in five (20.1%) Australians experience a mental illness which significantly impact the individual, their friends and family, the health system and the economy. Mental illnesses encompass disorders of mood, thinking, perception, communication and function. They can occur throughout the lifespan and are disabling and distressing.  Improving the mental health of Australians is critical and addressing the serious health challenge of mental disorders requires a focus on both strategies to prevent the onset of illness as well as improving the care and treatment of those who are living with mental ill health.

The Mental Health program at QIMR Berghofer capitalises on broad expertise in neuroscience, genetic, epidemiological and clinical research to expand the understanding of causes and treatments of mental illness.  Our Mental Health Research Teams work to conduct translational studies to make a meaningful difference to the health of Australians.

We have a strong record in investigating innovative neuro-stimulation and psychopharmacological interventions which are improving the lives of those individuals living with serious mental disorders. Our outstanding gains in the areas of psychiatric genetics, neuroimaging and neuroscience will inform novel strategies for prevention, early intervention and treatment of complex syndromes that affect the lives of so many Australians.