Mental Health and Neuroscience Education Committee

The vision of the Brain and Mental Health Education Committee is to showcase Mental Health and Neuroscience research Institute-wide and to facilitate interactions and networking between Mental Health and Neuroscience researchers at QIMR Berghofer and external organisations throughout Queensland. In addition we have a focus on supporting grantsmanship within the Mental Health and Neuroscience Program and promoting mental health and neuroscience education in both the high school and community setting.

The five pillars of the committee are: Grant Applications, Internal Seminars, Joint Seminars, Mental Health Symposium and Community Education

Grant Applications

Lucía Colodro Conde | Jodie Painter | Penelope Lind

Aims / Activities

  • Pitching sessions
  • Grant section feedback
  • Support NHMRC Investigator Grant applications
  • Support NHMRC Ideas Grant applications
  • Support future Grant applications as they arise

Internal Seminars

Michelle Lupton | Zachary Gerring

Aims / Activities

  • Plan themes / psychiatric disorders for the monthly seminar series
  • Organize internal speakers
  • Invite external speakers from outside QIMR Berghofer
  • Showcase Mental Health and Neuroscience research Institute-wide

Joint Seminars

Penelope Lind  

Aims / Activities

  • Invite external researchers and clinicians to the internal seminars
  • Streamline security and safety requirements for external researchers and clinicians to enter QIMR Berghofer

Mental Health Symposium

(Internal and external Queensland-based research groups)

Emily Hielscher | José Juan Morosoli | Brittany Mitchell

Aims / Activities

  • One-day Forum at QIMR Berghofer (to be held in April 2023)
  • Invite external groups with the aim of promoting networking and collaboration
  • Showcase QIMR Berghofer Mental Health and Neuroscience research

Community Education

Clare Blake | Lotta Oikari | Liam St Pierre

Aims / Activities

  • Psychology High School Lecture Series
  • Psychology Practical for Day in the Life of a Scientist program
  • Student work experience in Mental Health and Neuroscience Research
  • Consumer Consultation

Current Members

Previous Members

  • Rowena Long