Endometriosis is a condition where the endometrial cells (cells that form the lining of the uterus) begin growing elsewhere in the body. The endometrial tissue implants itself onto the surface of the tissue or organ where it has been deposited, and begins to grow.

Endometriosis is very difficult to diagnose, because the symptoms are not well understood, and vary from one woman to the next. The condition is known to be associated with severe period pain and infertility. Some women may not have any symptoms at all.

Currently, the causes of endometriosis are still unknown. Surgery and pain management are currently the only treatments for endometriosis and there is no cure.


  • mapping genes for endometriosis to understand disease biology and potential development of new treatments
  • identifying the overlap between the set of genes which confers risk of endometriosis with the genes which influence risk of endometrial (uterine) cancer