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At QIMR Berghofer, we are committed to bringing your perspective and that of other members of our community to the research we do.

You may have experience, either personally or in caring for others, in an area of health. Through these experiences, you will have been a ‘consumer’ of health and medical services that exist thanks to medical research.

Our researchers wish to learn from your observations, thoughts and ideas. Through our Better Health Together program, your experience can help our scientists shape their research so it has a greater impact on health outcomes in the real world.

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What is the Better Health Together program?

Better Health Together is our consumer and community involvement (CCI) program. It has been developed to support community member involvement in our medical research.

Members of the community will have opportunities to work in partnership with our researchers in various ways, such as:

  • having input on research priorities
  • shaping the direction of research by sharing lived-experiences
  • acting as “citizen scientists” on research teams and projects
  • helping us communicate our findings to the community
  • assisting us to translate research findings into patient care

How will it help our research?

  • Our research questions will better meet the needs of the community and health consumers
  • Our findings will have greater impacts for patients in the clinic
  • Our community will learn more about science, better health and the research happening right here in Queensland

What are the benefits for Better Health Together members?

  • Help us prioritise the needs of patients in research innovation
  • Be part of the team and help our researchers to make a difference
  • Learn more about medical research and confidently share this with others
  • Access other opportunities, such as training sessions, workshops and events

Current Opportunity – Ovarian Cancer Research

Dr Mainá Bitar is recruiting six consumers with lived-experience of ovarian cancer (as a patient or carer) to form a research Ovarian Cancer Advisory Panel.

Mainá is a Bioinformatician who analyses biological data to understand how gene alterations can contribute to cancer risk and development.

The panel will initially assist with crafting a Grant proposal, due in May. Once funds are secured, the panel will be involved over the life of the project.

Applications close 8 March 2024.

Panelists will be offered compensation for their assistance.

We encourage Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander consumers to apply. It’s important we have your voice on the panel.

Please download our flyer for details


Read Ben and Nardene’s story in LifeLab 118

Dr Behnam (Ben) Rashidieh is a cancer researcher from the Signal Transduction Laboratory at QIMR Berghofer. His research focuses on metastatic cancers and tumour microenvironments, exploring alternative approaches to treat aggressive cancers, hopefully with fewer side-effects for patients.

To better understand the potential impact of his research, Behnam partners with Nardene Lumley, a breast cancer survivor.

Read their story


Meet our Community Advisory Group

We are delighted to introduce the members of our Community Advisory Group:

  • Mr Peter Button
  • Dr Nancy Cloake
  • Mrs Brydget Barker-Hudson
  • Dr Lachlan Harris
  • Mrs Carol Humphries
  • Dr Kartik Iyer
  • Dr Michelle King
  • Dr Katie Lineburg
  • Professor Amanda Spurdle
  • Ms Nicki Walsh
  • Mrs Sue Williamson

The role of the Community Advisory Group is to bring the consumer and community member perspective to QIMR Berghofer. The group consists of 6 members of our community, 4 researcher representatives and the Consumer and Community Involvement (CCI) Lead.

The group will be an effective forum where staff, students, and others at the Institute can ask for the community viewpoint on proposed initiatives, research and projects.

Who are they? Read more…               Community Advisory Group Terms of Reference



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