Regional Outreach Program: Closing The Gap

To narrow the educational divide in regional areas and inclusively involve Indigenous communities, QIMR Berghofer proudly offers the Regional Outreach Program (ROP). This transformative outreach initiative is not just about sharing knowledge; it’s a resounding commitment to empowering young minds in regional and remote Queensland, especially including those in Indigenous communities.

ROP is more than a program; it’s a dedicated effort to close gaps in science education and health awareness. By strategically selecting locations with higher Indigenous student populations, we aim to bring cutting-edge science and medical research directly to those who often find themselves on the periphery of educational opportunities.


Each individual school program runs for approximately 2 to 2.5 hours. In a carefully curated workshop, the program offers an immersive experience. It’s a journey where students, particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth, can interact with leading scientists during school hours. This personal connection is an ethos-driven approach to inspire, guide, and nurture aspirations, in four different activities:

  • Motivational Yarning circle (storytelling) as a way of coming together in small groups, sharing, growing knowledge and strengthening relationships and vocation for science.
  • “The Journey of the scientist” will provide an opportunity to understand how to become a scientist from the examples discussed by scientists at different career stages in the context of their research and its relevancy to the local community.
  • “Hands on Science” will bring some action to the class with experiments and activities like microscopy led by the scientists.
  • “Cath up with the scientists” to allow students the opportunity to interact with the scientists in a one-to-one setting.

Every child, every school and every community are different so we will customise these activities to the needs of every visit.


The Regional High School Lecture Series visits the following locations:

  • February Thursday Island, Bamaga and Cairns
  • May – Central Queensland – Rockhampton and Gladstone areas
  • July- South West Queensland – Toowoomba and Roma
  • October – North Queensland – Townsville

We are always open to more initiatives, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you location is not covered in this areas.


In essence, the Regional Outreach program is about fostering a sense of belonging, opening doors to possibilities, and creating lasting impacts in the lives of every student. Together, we’re not just closing gaps; we’re building bridges to a brighter, more inclusive future.

Aligned with our mission to narrow the Indigenous disadvantage gap, this program mainly focuses on regional and remote areas where access to such programs is limited. We’re committed to breaking barriers and ensuring that every student, regardless of their geographical location, has the chance to explore the exciting future in the world of health science and medical research.

Moreover, the program is a cornerstone in supporting the Queensland Government’s STEM strategy. By fostering discussions on critical health topics, we contribute to scientific literacy while encouraging students in remote areas to actively participate in STEM subjects.


If you wish to take part on this program, please contact: