Mimburi Dreaming


Title: Mimburi Dreaming

Artist: Zeitha Jalamala Murphy


Mimburi Dreaming is a representation of the source/the nest linking the connections between land, the sky and all living entities great and small.

The Aboriginal legend of the Glass House Mountains describes those mountains, Tibrogargan (the father), Beerwah (the mother), Coonowrin – also known as Crook Neck (the eldest son), Tunbubudla (the twins), Beerburrum and Elimbah (the sisters) as a family.

Hence, the heart within Beerwah, the pregnant mother, shown as the largest mountain and how DNA connections represent varies characteristics of all living entities.

Magnified in the DNA strand is a cell body that carries 50% of the gene pool from the mother and 50% from the father.

The red dots on either side of the DNA strand, represent the colour of the oxygenated blood that flows through our veins.

The DNA strand could also be interpreted as a snake which represents growth, the shedding of the old and moving into the new.

The Brown hands represents that we hold our DNA and for some, is the colour of our skin.

The full moon represents the light that guides us though the darkness.

The night sky represents the beauty and mysteries of creation that connects us with our environment and to all others.