Healing Pathways


Title: Healing Pathways

Artist: Luke Mallie

Project: Genetic Health Referral Pathway

The collaboration of the project is observed by incorporating the spirit of the native Australian bee, within a hive of productivity and integrated teamwork, everyone comes together to nurture and protect a lifecycle of community and healing. Referral Pathways is a care model developed with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Queenslanders, with a strong respect for culture and traditional ways, represented in the artwork through the symbols of the boomerang (a tangible link for Aboriginal people to the land), and the Torres Strait Islander drum (an instrument to preserve and communicate knowledge through generations). The cultural significance of First Nations peoples is preserved in many ways and integrated into the project at every level. Healing Pathways shows both hands and feet, as pathways and connections are created, a commitment to heal one another through a journey of genetic health and improved access for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. The ant is a universal symbol of community strength and ties together the foundations of this Genetic Health Services project.