Genesis New Life

Title: Genesis New Life

Artist: Kaylene Butler

Project: Indigenous Genomics Health Literacy Project


Meaning to the title Genesis the first book of the bible and starts with the words “In the Beginning”. God is our Creator, whom gave us our identities and culture including DNA. Pregnancy depicts New Life.

Circular canvas represents the view of looking through the microscope lens for the process of research of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health of its Indigenous findings.

Colours requestd
I live in he Whitsunday Region much known for the Sea Country of Juru and I am a Traditional Owner of one of my Identities
Representing blue, blue waves with white caps, water means life, Umbie (1st Nation Australian Women) holder her stomach of her unborn Unda-nou (child) both pregnancy and water depicts movement of life growing of the white caps on the waves. Blue green sea water is the beautiful Sea Scapes in my homeland.
Representing Greens are displayed through the rainforest green on the mangoes leaves and stems and the leaves of the Native Hibiscus that I have stencilled as it is of perfection that God has created. I have painted all real leaves and pressed with paint to give realistic display. The mangoes are stencilled and in the shape of love hearts to depict my love for my Countries and people and ancestors.

Orange, reds, yellows, brown
Land and connection to country the brown brush strokes line hatching represent connection to both Land and Sea Country and gives Identity too belonging. Also displaced as genes/genetics structure of DNA. The red handprint again is a sign of Identity of who was there before us and the blood dripping with blood cells and collection of blood testing test tube. The Yellow hand print is the sand and the name (identity) no-one else has this handprint DNA make up evidence of existence belonging to country

All colours fading to the edges is of unfinished business to allow for more storytelling on Country from history, today and future in research.

For my application of stencilling is a simulated cultural practice of my ancient ancestors on my rock galleries on Country they practiced stencilling handprints and artefacts to tell story orally and visuals to pass down knowledge to us today.

2 x Family generation symbols on sea and land countries, depicts 5 generations U shape with Spear is Man, U shape is Woman. Below is links to their children, marriage and offspring. A strand of double helix DNA coloured gold representing the pregnancy shaped form in golden chromosomes. Gold also represents my interpretation of God the Creator also on the borders or sides of painting.

Blood test-tube for blood tests.