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The Sit Down Comedy Club is putting the spotlight on depression

Comedy Company ‘Black dog’ was the term Winston Churchill coined for depression – his own depression. Many people, from the famous to the person next door, suffer from what the World Health Organisation has called the world’s biggest health problem. Even at our own door step, many well-known and successful Australians have suffered from, or still are living with depression. On average one in five Australians will develop depression. Indeed, 20% of people will experience a depressive illness at some time in their lives, and around 6 percent will experience a more severe form of the illness. Sadly most suffer this illness in silence, not realising how far from being alone they really are.

If you are a sufferer or a supporter of someone with depression – you are not alone! The Queensland Institute of Medical Research and The Sit Down Comedy Club are working together to drive awareness for how common this condition is and more importantly, how serious an issue it will grow to become in Australia without the invaluable research being undertaken right here in Brisbane.Get some friends together for a night of laughter and comedic mayhem when Australia’s premier comedy venue, The Sit Down Comedy Club, proudly presents a gala event dedicated to defeating depression through raising vital funding for QIMR’s new world class Mental Health Division.

This remarkable initiative, Depression is a Laughing Matter, sees the likes of Triple M’s Greg ‘Sully’ Sullivan, Fred Lang, Michael Bennett, Katrina Davidson and Hooray for Everything join forces and take to the stage in an inaugural event to raise funding to be devoted directly to depression research by bringing a very common secret out under the spotlight. It is hoped that by communicating this vital information through the frivolity of laughter, the message will be more readily explicit, as when we are happy we are far more open to taking in new information.

“I love Fedele as a brother so I didn’t think twice about supporting Depression is a Laughing Matter,” said Greg Sullivan of The Sit Down Comedy Club partner Fedele Crisci. “We’ve wanted to do something about depression for a while, so when Fedele called we were glad to come on board.”

“I went through a brief depressive period, so I know first-hand how important it is to have good support network,” said Fred Lang of a past experience with depression. “After a gig, I’d feel like I was standing on the edge of a cliff and then fall down hard.”

“If there’s anything I want to achieve out of this, it would be greater awareness for depression and research, as well as raise money,” Fred added. “If we do that, then my work here is done.”

When completed, QIMR’s new Mental Health Division will be actively investigating depression, together with anxiety, post-natal depression, bipolar disorder, dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and schizophrenia in the hopes to close in on cures, vaccines, treatments and better diagnostic tests. Simply by purchasing a ticket to Depression is a Laughing Matter, you will be sharing QIMR and The Sit Down Comedy Club’s vision of defeating depression.

Event Details: Wednesday 16 May 2007 from 7pm at The Sit Down Comedy Club, The Paddo Tavern, Paddington. Tickets are only $38.50 per person. Book directly on 07 3369 4466 for your chance to laugh down the blues and be a part of this landmark Brisbane event.