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Suncorp saves Queenslander’s skin

Suncorp has generously pledged to continue its long-running support of skin cancer research at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) by committing a further two years of funding for research projects.

“Suncorp has been a strong supporter of QIMR’s research for the past six years. We are grateful for Suncorp’s loyal and ongoing support of skin cancer research,” said QIMR Director Professor Frank Gannon.

“Suncorp’s pledge to skin cancer research is invaluable. Queenslanders have the highest rates of melanoma and skin cancer in the world. With around 451,000 new cases of non-melanoma skin cancers expected to be diagnosed in Australia in 2010.”

“Melanoma skin cancer turns people’s lives upside down. That’s why we are committed to helping QIMR with such vital research,” said Suncorp Life Executive General Manager David Carter.

“We believe it’s important to educate Queenslanders on the devastating effects of skin cancer, but also to have a plan in place should they or someone in their family be diagnosed with melanoma.”

Suncorp Life recently launched its Suncorp Life Protect Policy which includes a $10,000 melanoma benefit, paid out to policy holders who are diagnosed with melanoma in the first five years of the policy.

QIMR is a world leader in skin cancer research. QIMR’s research on melanoma has identified two genes that double a person’s risk, shown for the first time that daily sunscreen use can prevent melanoma in adults and identified mole count as one of the highest risk factors. The Institute’s research into the dangers of sunbeds has resulted in significant changes to legislation, and QIMR continues to conduct the longest running skin cancer study in the world.

Queensland Institute of Medical Research relies on corporate and community support to continue our research. If you are interested in supporting QIMR’s life-saving research, please call 1800 993 000.