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QIMR hosts tomorrow’s scientists

Over 700 students from 19 high schools across south-east Queensland are immersed in science at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR).

QIMR is hosting its annual High School Lecture Series (17-19 April), showcasing research from the latest cancer studies to using the state of the art facial recognition software to diagnose depression.

Professor Frank Gannon, QIMR’s Director and CEO says the highly successful annual high school lecture series is part of QIMR’s commitment to inspiring the scientists of tomorrow.

“As one of Australia’s largest and most successful medical research institutes, we need to help address the decline in the number of students enrolling in science,” said Professor Gannon. “By giving students the chance to experience science first hand, and talk directly to our researchers who are making a difference to the world, we hope to open their minds to future careers in science.

“The senior students attending the lecture series have the opportunity to visit working laboratories at the Institute, and hear from inspirational scientist at the forefront of medical research.

“Among these students are Australia’s next generation of researchers who are essential to secure our future health and wellbeing.”

Students attending this year’s lecture series will learn how eating fat can lead to cancer, the importance of vaccination for the health of everyone and the power of statistics.

Students will also hear from a panel of QIMR researchers about how they embarked on a career in science, sometimes from very different areas and backgrounds.