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QIMR Berghofer helps bring science to life at the World Science Festival Brisbane

QIMR Berghofer is helping to share the wonders of science as the World Science Festival Brisbane kicks off this week.

QIMR Berghofer’s Director and CEO Professor Frank Gannon said the institute was offering a range of fun and educational activities for all age groups between 21 and 26 March.

“We are running a series of laboratory workshops in genetics, drug discovery and diseases, and immunity and vaccines,” he said.

“If you’ve ever wanted to do some experiments in a real laboratory, this is your chance. You can learn the techniques used to analyse DNA, use a plant extract to kill bacteria, or learn how to test for the presence of a Ross River virus antibody.”

Participants must be at least 15 years old and can register online.

Families are also encouraged to visit QIMR Berghofer’s marquee at Street Science! in the Cultural Forecourt at Southbank on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 March.

“Here, people of all ages can dress up like a scientist and look at healthy and diseased cells under a microscope,” Professor Gannon said.

“Kids can learn more about the world’s deadliest animal – the mosquito – and make their own mozzie to take home, or make a UV bracelet that changes colour in the sun.

“If you’re curious about the weird and wonderful jobs available in science, come along and hear our medical illustrator Madeleine Kersting Flynn speak at the cool jobs event on Thursday 23 March at the Griffith University Conservatorium Theatre.

“Madeleine will explain how she works with scientists to illustrate some of the world’s tiniest cells and most complex diseases.

“Or, if you’d like to test your science knowledge, come along to the polymath quiz trivia night at the Southbank cultural forecourt on Thursday 23 March.

“I will be the quiz master and will share questions from Queensland’s world-leading researchers.”

Queensland Museum Network CEO and Director Professor Suzanne Miller said the World Science Festival Brisbane was truly an event for everyone.

“No matter what your age, the World Science Festival Brisbane makes science accessible for all. From witnessing the beauty of turtles hatching before your eyes to discovering more about gravitational waves and particle physics to learning about how we can protect our most precious resources, the program covers many facets of science,” she said.

“The program of events includes performances, demonstrations, debates, talks, displays and exhibitions, showcasing a wide range of scientific fields and extraordinarily talented people.”

To see the full program of events for World Science Festival Brisbane, visit