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QIMR Berghofer to help guide healthcare in Queensland

QIMR Berghofer will help steer the future direction of healthcare in Queensland, with the Institute’s Director and CEO, Professor Frank Gannon, appointed to the Advancing health 2026 oversight committee.

The committee met for the first time today (23 November). It includes representatives from across the health sector, including clinicians, primary healthcare professionals, and researchers.

The committee will monitor progress made under the Advancing health 2026 plan and report to Queensland’s Health Minister.

“I am honoured to be invited to join this committee,” Professor Gannon said.

“We know that the health needs of Queenslanders will evolve over the next 10 years and it is essential that the system is ready for those changes.

“The Advancing health 2026 plan was developed to guide the state’s long-term investment into health.

“Its vision is that by 2026 Queenslanders will be among the healthiest people in the world. This will require greater prevention actions, improved diagnoses and delivery of the best treatments.

“Medical research is advancing rapidly and today’s medical research will be a crucial part of tomorrow’s healthcare.

“This committee will ensure that Queensland is ready to capitalise on medical advances, many of which are coming from our own state.

“We will also closely monitor the implementation of the Advancing health 2026 plan to ensure Queensland’s health system is becoming even more flexible and innovative and is taking advantage of new technologies.

“In addition to QIMR Berghofer’s strong commitment to cancer and infectious disease research, we added mental health as a program nearly 10 years ago. This year the Institute introduced a new research program into chronic disorders to reflect the changing health needs of Queenslanders.

“We strongly support long-term planning to ensure Queenslanders continue to have access to world-class healthcare.”