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QIMR Berghofer expands clinical trial options

QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute is proud to announce it has taken full ownership of the clinical trial facility Q-Pharm.

In a move which reinforces QIMR Berghofer’s status as a leading translational facility, the Institute has increased its 25% stake in the facility to 100%.

QIMR Berghofer Director Professor Frank Gannon said it was otherwise “business as usual” for Q-Pharm’s exceptional facilities, which are housed within the Institute’s complex in Herston, Brisbane.

“QIMR Berghofer prides itself on its bench to bedside philosophy, conducting research which can be translated into new diagnostics and treatments,” Professor Gannon said.

“All new clinical options require vigorous testing to ensure their safety, and that’s where it’s important to have quality clinical trial facilities.

“Q-Pharm is Queensland’s leading early phase clinical trial facility and has a solid history of coordinating a broad range of trials and vaccine studies and this development will build on an already impressive record.

Q-Pharm CEO, Terry Hurst, warmly welcomed the exciting development for the company.

“This move strengthens the existing valuable relationship with QIMR Berghofer and firmly positions Q-Pharm as a provider of high quality early phase trial services for the local, national and global translational research sector,” Mr Hurst said.

“Q-Pharm proudly boasts 12 years of operations and more than 350 clinical trials since its inception and this new chapter for Q-Pharm signals an exciting era for translational research in Queensland.”

Q-Pharm conducts about 30 clinical studies each year. Its facilities include a recruitment and outpatients clinic; specialised 18-bed clinic; open-plan 24-bed facility; data management and quality assurance units; and PC2 laboratory.

QIMR Berghofer also has a Clinical Trials and Biostatics Unit, led by Dr Sanjoy Paul, with a view to accommodating late-stage trials for hospitals, universities and research institutes.

“Together, these options significantly advance the translational research capabilities of QIMR Berghofer, and provide a wonderful opportunity for other institutions and pharmaceutical companies to be part of our growth,” Professor Gannon said.