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Protein discovery gets added power

The Protein Discovery Centre (PDC) at the Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) has received a valuable funding boost from both the Commonwealth and Queensland Governments, aiding the ongoing research into proteins and their effects on a range of infectious diseases and cancers.

Professor Jeff Gorman, head of QIMR’s PDC said the funding would go a long way to support one of Australia’s leading laboratories in the study of proteins, their structure and function (proteomics).

“The $2 million grant allows QIMR’s PDC to continue research into protein targets for the development of treatments for paediatric respiratory infections, malaria, melanoma, prostate cancer and breast cancer,” Professor Gorman said.

“QIMR’sPDC is the most advanced proteomics infrastructure laboratory in Australia and this grant means we can grow as an international centre of excellence, specialising in infectious diseases and disease related epigenetic alterations of proteins.

“The PDC forms part of Proteomics Australia, however this support from both the Queensland and federal governments mean we can participate in a broader Australian network of proteomics laboratories and develop a larger network of protein expertise.

“Over the coming years, we hope to participate in international initiatives in proteomic technology development and continue to attract, retain and train proteomic experts at the PDC.

“The grant also means further opportunities for Australian researchers to work in and study the area of proteomics, helping us build our protein ‘brain bank’.

“This funding and these initiatives are so important, as it allows QIMR’s PDC to continue its work with proteins, which could ultimately lead to cures for some of the world’s most debilitating diseases.”

The $2 million granted to QIMR’s Protein Discovery Centre formed part of the $13 million Queensland Government contribution to the Commonwealth Government’s Super Science Initiative and Education Investment Fund.