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Mental health information session

Come along to a free mental health information session held in Brisbane’s Herston hospital precinct.

The Queensland Institute of Medical Research (QIMR) is inviting the public to an information session on the latest research in mental health on Tuesday 26 October at 10:00 am in our own Westpac Auditorium, Bancroft Centre.

QIMR’s Mental Health Division is a new initiative within QIMR and will undertake cutting-edge research into the nature, causes, diagnosis and outcome of all of the major mental illnesses, including schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, dementia, autism and addiction.

By combining recent advances in neurosciences with QIMR’s existing strength in genetics and population health, the Mental Health Research Division has the potential to become one of Australia’s leading centres for mental health research.

According to Professor Michael Breakspear, Chair of QIMR’s Mental Health Division, “Through improvements in diagnosis and management, our research aims to reduce the burden of mental illness to society and improve the quality of life for those with a mental illness.”

“Approximately 3% of adults are currently disabled due to mental illness. Scientific advances that would enable earlier and more effective intervention would reduce this burden.

“We will utilise the latest brain imaging and computer modelling techniques to help understand how the brain functions.

“I also hope we reduce the stigma of mental illness and improve treatment and access so it is on parity with physical illnesses.”

Speakers include Sarah Tennant, QIMR’s Science Communication Manager, Professor Michael Breakspear, Chair of QIMR’s Mental Health Division, Dr Naomi Wray, Head of Psychiatric Genetics Laboratory at QIMR, and Dr James Scott, Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, from The University of Queensland.