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Leading clinical trials company expands for the future

Queensland’s position as a leader in clinical research within the Asia-Pacific region has been further strengthened today, with the opening of the newly expanded Q-Pharm Pty Ltd premises.

Minister for Health and Ambulance Services Steven Miles visited the new the state-of-the-art facilities which are located within QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute on the Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital campus at Herston.

“Only by investigating and testing new treatments can we improve how we care for patients in hospital and in the community,” said Mr Miles.

“By Q-Pharm expanding its facilities from 38 to 62 beds, Queensland will be able to conduct bigger clinical trials on potentially lifesaving medications and treatments.

“Queensland has also become a leader in clinical trials for the Asia Pacific region and this expansion will encourage more international organisations to conduct their clinical trials right here.

“The expansion of Q-Pharm will lead to more jobs for Queenslanders and I know they are already looking for more talented medical and administrative staff to meet the needs of their increased capacity.”

Director and CEO of QIMR Berghofer, and Chairman of the board of Q-Pharm, Professor Frank Gannon, said the expansion would also speed up the development of new drugs and vaccines that were critically needed in developing countries.

“Together with QIMR Berghofer’s infectious diseases researcher Professor James McCarthy, Q-Pharm is conducting clinical trials of promising new candidate drugs for malaria,” Professor Gannon said.

“Q-Pharm’s expansion will allow us to conduct larger trials and to speed up the development of other urgently needed new drugs and vaccines.”

Q-Pharm’s CEO, Dr Tufail Syed, said the company had conducted more than 400 clinical trials since its establishment in 2002.

“This expansion will allow us to increase the services we offer to our clients, while maintaining the strong focus on safety and quality that we have built over the last 16 years,” Dr Syed said.

“I’m confident this will help to attract even more international investment into the state from international biopharmaceutical companies.”

The new purpose-designed facilities include an entertainment room and catering facilities for trials that involve overnight stays.