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Governor farewells Director Michael Good

QIMR’s Patron, Her Excellency the Governor Ms Penny Wesley AO, hosted a beautiful morning tea at Government House to thank QIMR’s major supporters and in honour of the outgoing Director, Professor Michael Good AO. Professor Good will return to the lab bench on Thursday to continue his lifesaving work in combating malaria and streptococcus A – two of the world’s biggest killers.

The Governor aptly quoted the writer Marabel Morgan, “Persistence is the twin sister of excellence” when thanking Professor Good and the devoted scientific staff of QIMR for dedicating their lives to investigating the causes and treatment of over 40 of the world’s most debilitating diseases.

The Governor congratulated Professor Good on his 10 years as Director, helping QIMR achieve its mission to prevent and cure disease through research.

In his time as Director, Professor Good has been instrumental in securing funding for the construction of the new $180 million Smart State Medical Research Centre; establishing QIMR’s Indigenous Health Research Program, the Australian Centre for Vaccine Development and a new Division of Mental Health Research.

The Institute’s successful education program is testament to his commitment to inspiring the scientists of tomorrow.

After 22 years at the Institute, Professor Good will return to his research fulltime, having been awarded an Australia Fellowship, but in his own words “will remain one of QIMR’s greatest ambassadors.”

Beginning his career as a doctor working in the oncology wards at Royal Brisbane Hospital, Michael soon realised he wanted to make a real difference and embarked on a career is a researcher. “A child born today lives 3 months longer than a child born exactly a year before thanks to advances in medical research and treatments,” he said.

Professor Good thanked the Governor for hosting the event and for her ongoing support of QIMR.

He also thanked the Institute’s supporters. “I strongly believe medical research could not happen without the support of the community.”

Guests at Government House included Lady June Watson, wife of the late Sir Bruce Watson, QIMR Chairman Professor John Hay and his wife Barbara Hay, Qld Health’s Chief Medical Officer and QIMR Councillor Dr Jeanette Young, Peplin’s founder Dr Jim Aylward, and many long term supporters and friends of QIMR..