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Free science activities at Ekka

The Queensland Institute of Medical Research stand at the the Royal Exhibition (Ekka) is hands-on fun for all ages this year, with interactive activities and educational competitions.

Do you think you’d like to be a scientist? Try our lab on for size! Our stand will have a laboratory area to dress up as a scientist, have your photo taken and try your hand at lab work. You can make your own colours, make patterns in a welled plate or test your steady hand layering colours on top of each other.

See real displays of cancer cells, parasites (creepy crawlies of the body) and find out more about what we are doing to achieve better health for future generations. You can find out how diseases work and what you can do to prevent them.

We have a fun game of “Hit the Parasite” to win a temporary tattoo. We can tell you about the bug you have won, and what it does in your body.

The Ekka 2010 runs from Thursday 5 August to Saturday 14 August.