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Dr Peter Visscher elected AAS Fellow

Professor Peter Visscher who heads QIMR’s Queensland Statistical Genetics Laboratory has been elected into the Australian Academy of Science (AAS) for excellence in genetics research.

One of only seventeen scientists elected this year, Professor Visscher received the prestigious Fellowship on 24 March.

Election to the Academy recognises a career that has significantly advanced, and continues to advance, the world’s scientific knowledge.

Professor Visscher is honoured to be elected an AAS Fellow. “Peer recognition is one of the most satisfying rewards for scientists, and my election as Fellow of the Australian Academy of Science is probably the ultimate form of peer recognition in Australia.

“I am delighted with the award, which came relatively soon after my migration to Australia and QIMR in 2005.”

The Fellowship acknowledges Professor Visscher’s research into understanding genetic variation within populations, including studying the genetic basis of common diseases that have many genes affecting the outcome.

Professor Visscher attributes the Fellowship to the hard work of his team. “It is a reflection on the fantastic bunch of people that I have had the pleasure and privilege of working with in the past and present.”

“It is great to note that QIMR now has four Fellows among its staff.”

2010 AAS Fellows come from a variety of specialities including disease control using an insect parasite, conservation planning, high energy astrophysics, digital signals engineering and wireless communication, mitochondrial physiology, and the physics of diamond.