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Brisbane needs more industry development to become city of future

QIMR Berghofer Director and CEO Professor Frank Gannon has called for Brisbane to attract knowledge-based industry development in his address to the Asia Pacific Cities Summit (APCS).

Professor Gannon has compared growth and future potential in Brisbane to that of Dublin and Singapore in his presentation “A City Built on Knowledge”.

“Both Dublin and Singapore have established a good balance between knowledge intensive industries, an excellent supply of trained individuals and aggressive industry development plans,” Professor Gannon said.

“Brisbane has emphasised the development of infrastructure and the city, and now needs to have an industry development plan to match it.”

Professor Gannon said quality of life will be a major factor in the choices that industries and their workers make about locating modern ventures.

“Brisbane has an excellent quality of life and wonderful research facilities,” Professor Gannon said.

“It now has to add to this a strong program to capture some of the mobile industry development seeking new locations in the cities of the future.”

The APCS is being hosted by Brisbane City Council from 5-8 July and has attracted mayors, officials and experts speakers from throughout the Asia Pacific Region.

The summit is recognised as the region’s leading business and government forum for managing cities and urban development.

A highly sought after speaker, Professor Gannon has served on a range of high-level scientific advisory boards and institutes throughout the world.