Student Intellectual Property Deed

Intellectual property (IP) arising from your studies could have the potential for commercialisation in the future. To successfully commercialise research outcomes, QIMR Berghofer requires unfragmented ownership of IP. For this reason, we ask students to assign their IP to the Institute under a Student IP Deed.

Anyone over the age of 18 can sign as your witness. The institute can sign the upper section of page 5 as an authorised person once you return the Student IP Deed to us.

If you assign your IP to the Institute, there is the possibility for students to participate in the sharing of any commercialization revenue through the Commercialisation of Intellectual Property Remuneration Framework as well as inventorship on any necessary patents. Students are strongly encouraged to obtain independent legal advice on any request by QIMR Berghofer for assignment of their IP and the Institute will contribute to the cost of that legal advice.

Please see the IP Information document, which will give you more information about the QIMR Berghofer Student IP Policy as well as general information on Intellectual Property and Commercialisation.

If you have any IP related questions, please email the Business Development team