Dean's Award for Outstanding HDR Theses

The Dean’s Award for Outstanding Higher Degree by Research Theses gives formal recognition to outstanding PhD and MPhil graduates who have been commended by their thesis examiners.

All examiners are given the opportunity to nominate a candidate for the Dean’s award if they feel the standard of the thesis is exceptional and makes an outstanding contribution to the field of research.


  • Dr Philp Mosley, Impulsivity and Caregiver Burden after Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease
    • Principal Supervisor Professor Michael Breakspear
    • University UQ
Year Student Thesis Title Principal Supervisor University
2020 Dr Philip Mosley Impulsivity and Caregiver Burden after Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s Disease Prof Michael Breakspear UQ
Dr Gregory Quaife-Ryan Transcriptional regulation of mammalian heart regeneration Prof James Hudson UQ
2019 Dr Simone Minnie Restoring myeloma-immune equilibrium by stem cell transplantation Prof Geoff Hill UQ
Dr Yulong Aaron Gao Group 1 Innate Lymphoid Cells in Cancer Prof Mark Smyth UQ

Dr Cornel Mirciov Studies on the Regulation of Hepcidin Dr David Frazer UQ
Dr Olga Montvida Evaluation of Cardio-Metabolic Effects of Treatment with Incretin-Based Therapies in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes A/Prof Sanjoy Paul QUT
2017 Dr Therese Vu Maintenance of blood stem cells and the development of haematological malignancies Prof Steven Lane UQ
Dr Arabella Young Targeting immunosuppressive adenosine to promote an immune response against cancer Prof Mark Smyth UQ
2016 Dr Jazlyn Read Familial melanoma risk genes in Queensland Prof Nic Hayward UQ
Dr Yvonne (Ying Wai) Ho Forensically Relevant Applications of Genome-Wide Association Studies Prof Sarah Medland UQ
2015 Dr Mark Bettington A Clinicopathological and Molecular Categorisation of Serrated Colorectal Polyps Prof Barbara Leggett UQ
Dr Julie Burel Molecular Profiling of Cellular Immune Responses to Plasmodium Spp. Blood-stage Infection in Humans Using Systems Immunology Prof Denise Doolan UQ
Dr Melinda Protani Examining the role of obesity in the survival of women with breast and ovarian cancers Prof Penny Webb UQ
2014 Dr Lauren Aoude  Dissecting the genetic architecture of familial melanoma School of Medicine  Prof Nick Hayward UQ
Dr Franziska Bieri  Impact of a video-based health education intervention on soil-transmitted helminth infections in Chinese school children  Prof Don McManus UQ
Dr Kimberley Jones  Novel strategies for monitoring, treating and preventing Epstein Barr virus-associated Lymphomas  Prof Maher Gandhi UQ
Dr Min-Hsuan Lin  Viral and cellular factors in HIV-1 replication  Assoc Prof David Harrich UQ
Dr Simone Reynolds  Analysis of the Binding Properties and Functions of Scabies Mite Serine Proteases.  Prof Alex Lukas UQ
Dr Ken Dutton-Regester The identification of therapeutic targets in metastatic melanoma Prof Nick Hayward QUT
2012 Dr Steven Lane  Self-renewal pathways in leukaemia stem cells and haematopoietic stem cells  Prof Andrew Boyd UQ
Dr Karin (Catharina) Verweij The genetics of complex human behaviour: Cannabis use, personality, sexuality and mating Prof Nick Martin UQ