High School Seminar Series

QIMR Berghofer runs a free annual high school seminar series where students can hear about the latest medical research discoveries, tour state-of-the-art laboratories and investigate careers in science.

Seminars are held in the auditorium at QIMR Berghofer and are attended by up to 600 senior science students from south-east Queensland and their teachers. As part of the program, students:

  • listen to leading scientists talk about their research (presentations run for approximately 15-20 minutes each, with 10 minutes for interactive questions)
  • tour a QIMR Berghofer laboratory with a science ambassador
  • be able to ask questions about careers in science and medical research.

School students are typically on site from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm. Certificates of participation are available for teachers.


The High School Seminar Series target topics that align with the senior Biology and Psychology curriculum.

The final program of speakers will be confirmed prior to the series.  See an example run sheet here: 2022 Lecture Series Program.


To enquire about bookings for the QIMR Berghofer High School Lecture Series, please complete the form below. Feel free to contact our Education Coordinators if more information is required.

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Unable to make it to our regular seminar series? For regional schools, QIMR Berghofer offer an online series of high school lectures covering the subjects of Genetics, Psychology and Infectious Disease as aligned with the QLD school syllabus. These can be viewed at any time via the link here.


If your school is located in a regional area, QIMR Berghofer offer a number of opportunities with their regional high school lecture series.  These include presentations on the ground-breaking work underway at QIMR Berghofer, along with discussions around career opportunities in health science and medical research. The regional high school lecture series travels to Central QLD, South West QLD, Far North QLD and North QLD annually. Find out more here.


Schools Education Coordinators
Dr Liam St Pierre
(Mon-Wed) T (07) 3362 0307
Dr Manuel Serrano Santos (Wed-Fri) T (07) 3845 3919
E schools@qimrberghofer.edu.au