Q-Gen Cell Therapeutics

At Q-Gen Cell Therapeutics, we are advancing health through GMP cell manufacture. With more than 20 years of excellence in T-cell manufacturing supporting the immunotherapy industry, we continue to be a trusted partner locally and internationally.

Our key advantages and opportunities include:



  • Manufacture of autologous and allogeneic therapies
  • Complete on-site QC suite
  • Dedicated facilities
  • Competitive pricing

  • International collaborations and commercial partnerships
  • Responsive manufacturing
  • Competitive timelines
  • Capacity – 13 clean rooms

  • Efficient cell collection from Australia, Asia and USA
  • Seamless collection, manufacture and administration of cell-based products
  • On-site accredited quality control testing provides fast, reliable release testing of manufactured products
  • Experience with international regulators
  • TGA (Australian Regulator) licensed for:
    • Manufacture of T-Cell therapies for clinical trials
    • Quality control testing: potency; microbial contamination; endotoxin; mycoplasma; flow cytometry cell viability and identification
    • Regulatory documentation development


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For more information, contact our staff on

T +61 7 3845 3826
E Q-Gen@qimrberghofer.edu.au