Walking on Sunshine...and surviving cancer

Meet Anne Stanton – she is one of our treasured Ambassadors and a motivated fundraiser for medical research.
Diagnosed with choroidal malignant melanoma in May 1987, Anne’s world was turned upside down. The operation that took her eye miraculously managed to save her life and for the next ten years Anne was in remission.
After a decade, all of her family and friends were confident the danger had passed.
Unfortunately, in July 1997, Anne was diagnosed with secondary melanoma. 60% of her liver was removed and the fear for her life returned.
Unlike the first time, this terrible disease didn’t give Anne years to build up strength. It returned again and again over 13 years, attacking various parts of her body. But through these tough times, she has always demonstrated immense courage. “People in my situation need to be offered hope," says Anne.
Anne knows that she cannot win the war against melanoma with courage alone. "It is only through advances in medical research that we will have a better chance of overcoming diseases like cancer."
And for this reason, in 2003, Anne commenced her first fundraising gala dinner fondly called “Walking on Sunshine” named after Anne’s favourite song by Katrina and the Waves. She decided to call her fundraiser Walking on Sunshine to remind everyone that while it is important to take time in life to appreciate a sunny climate, we must be very cautious of the sun with Queenslanders facing the highest rate of skin cancer in the world.
Since starting her fundraiser, Anne has worked hard to organise the successful Walking on Sunshine dinner every second year and has raised over $80,000 in crucial funds.
Anne’s fundraiser has certainly built a name for itself amongst her family and friends as a fantastic night out to celebrate and give thanks to life. She has even managed to convince singer, Pete Murray to perform at two of the events!
If you would like to host your own fundraising event please register your interest here today. There are plenty of ways to fundraise, you can download your very own how-to guide here.