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Day in the life of a scientist

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QIMR Berghofer inspires up-and-coming students to consider science as a career path.

For senior students (years 11 and 12) with an aptitude for science, maths and technology, it is important to interact with scientists in the real world of medical research and have a hands-on experience in a working laboratory.

This is called a Day in the life of a scientist and is typically a half-day activity with breaks and includes: 

  • A hands-on investigation in our new state-of-art education laboratory, purpose built with excellent facilities for up to 24 senior students; 
  • A talk from researchers at the forefront of discovery (optional);
  • A tour of a world class medical research institute facilities (optional); and
  • A flexible program to meet teacher, school and student needs which has been aligned to the Queensland senior biology curriculum

Please see which days are available. If you are a senior science teacher and you would like to find out more and sign up for a Day in the life of a scientist, please fill in the form below or email the QIMR Berghofer School Education Coordinator.

"A unique opportunity for students to experience the work of scientists, and further their understanding of scientific research and its importance to society"

Teacher, St John Fisher College


Expression of interest form


Year 12
Year 11
Years 11/12
Year 10
choose one
24 or less
Half day (am)
Half day (pm)
Full day
Full day(Genetics) + option: Hair PCR
Half day(experiment, 8.45am-11.45am) or (experiment, 12.15pm-3.15pm) OR Full day (experiment, scientist talk and tour) 9am-2pm OR Full day with optional activity (Hair PCR) 8.30am - 3.15pm.
Laboratory research activity
Talk from a scientist
Tour of scientific facilities
All of the above (9am-2pm, up to 1.5 hours extra)
Genetics option
Hands-on activity in the education laboratory, Talk, Tour, All three activities or a combination of these
1hr: Pipetting and dilution skills
3hrs: Immunity
3hrs Nature did it first: Anti-microbial testing
3hrs: Tracking Ross River Fever
3hrs: Genetics: in sickness and health
3.75hrs: Genetics + Hair PCR
choose one
Facilities(Lazer facility, Imaging facility, DNA and Protein facility) or laboratory research related to topic at school?
Medical research, careers in science, application of medical research in relation to a curriculum topic?
Curriculum or application
I need to notify the canteen of student numbers
One or two on the same day
Please select a preferred date
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alternative date for Class 1
alternative date for Class 2
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