Flow cytometry and imaging facility

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The Flow Cytometry and Imaging core facility provides world-class support service for scientists at QIMR Berghofer. Thanks to the support of the Australian Cancer Research Fund (ACRF), the facility has expanded and is now the ACRF Centre for Comprehensive Biomedical Imaging.

We endeavour to stay up-to-date with ongoing acquisition of equipment, techniques and analysis software to meet the needs of the facility customers. As the facility is held in high regard, our services are sought not only by QIMR Berghofer scientists but those in the broader south-east Queensland region, Australia and overseas.

Our facilities include:


Facility Manager: Grace Chojnowski

Senior Flow Cytometry Analyst: Paula Hall

Flow Cytometry Analyst: Michael Rist

Senior Microscopist Nigel Waterhouse

Research Assistants: Graeme Chapman