DNA sequencing and fragment analysis facility

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QIMR Berghofer has provided a low-cost sequencing and fragment analysis service since 1994. We provide training and optimisation advice for routine Sanger sequencing to all QIMR Berghofer scientists and collaborators. Capillary sequencing samples are usually processed in one to two working days with a maximum resolution of 1000 base pairs and both a printout and an electronic copy of the data is provided as part of the service.


  The unit was set up using ABI 370, ABI 373 and ABI 377 slab gel electrophoresis instruments and upgraded to capillary electrophoresis instruments in 2001. Currently, we are running a modified ABI 3100 running POP7 and a 50cm or 80cm capillary array. This service is provided internally for all QIMR researchers and collaborators, and externally for non-commercial research scientists.  

ABI 3100 Capillary Sequencer

  Recently, QIMR Berghofer purchased an Illumina GA2 next generation sequencer thanks to grants from Professor Nick Hayward. This instrument can sequence up to 200 million sequences per run and generate 10-20Gbases of data and has greatly expanded our capability however external access to this instrument is limited.
 Illumina GA2 Sequencer