Cancer and Population Studies Group

Professor Adèle Green
Senior Scientist
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Cancer and Population Studies Group

Senior Scientist

Professor Adèle Green


The Cancer and Population Studies Group aims to understand the causes of cancer and how to better prevent and manage cancer. Thus we investigate the roles of environmental and personal factors in the causation of cancer and its precursors, and in cancer prognosis. We collaborate with clinicians, statisticians and behavioural scientists and also with laboratory scientists to better understand the underlying mechanisms of carcinogenesis. Particular focuses are cancers of the skin, pancreas and colon.

Conditions researched

Current research

  • Primary Melanoma Project - Quality of Life Study
  • Dietary Factors and Actinic Skin Damage
  • Association between human papilloma virus and squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) of the skin
  • Study of genetic and environmental risk factors for pancreatic cancer
  • Exploring the causal pathways to cutaneous melanoma
  • 20 year follow-up study of the Nambour Skin Cancer Project
  • Working after Cancer Study - Quality of Life Study

Familial colorectal cancer projects

  • Collaborative Family Registry for Colorectal Cancer Studies (Colon CFR)
  • Novel syndromes
  • Lynch syndrome in depth


Senior Scientist: Professor Adèle Green 

Senior staff: Dr Victor Siskind, Dr Jolieke van der Pols, Dr Dan Buchanan, Dr Mark Clendenning, Dr Kevin Spring

Project staff: Anne Russell, Angela Carroll, Belinda Nagler, Lisa Ferguson, Lynn Green, Maryrose Malt, Maricel Hughes, Naomi Jayaratne, Rebecca Grealy,  Sally-Ann Pearson, Toan Luong, Valerie Logan, Kyoko Miura

Visiting students: Bob MacLennan, Louisa Gordon, Naomi Richmond, Penny McBride

Biostatistical Staff: Professor Peter O’Rourke, Louise Marquart, Lee Jones, Leesa Wockner


We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following funding agencies:

  • National Health and Medical Research Council
  • National Cancer Institute
  • Cancer Council Queensland



Academic Medical Centre, Leiden, The Netherlands

Dartmouth Medical School, Hanover, New Hampshire, USA 

L'Oreal Recherche, France

University of Manchester, UK

Professor Albert de la Chapelle and Kevin Sweet, Ohio State University Medical Centre

Professor Jane Green, Memorial University of Newfoundland

Dr Susan Parry, Middlemore Hospital

Dr Petra Lahmann, Germany


The University of Queensland School of Medicine, Princess Alexandra Hospital

The University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research, RBWH

School of Population Health, The University of Queensland

Professor Finlay Macrae, Royal Melbourne Hospital

Professor John Hopper and Dr Mark Jenkins, University of Melbourne

Dr Dave Duggan, TGen

Drs Michael Gattas, Jack Goldblatt, Graeme Suthers, Graeme Young, Kathy Tucker

Professor Graham Giles, Cancer Council Victoria

Professor Dallas English, University of Melbourne


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