Cancer Genetics

Professor Georgia Trench

Professor Georgia Chenevix-Trench
Senior Scientist
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Cancer Genetics

Senior Scientist

Professor Georgia Chenevix-Trench


The Cancer Genetics Laboratory investigates why some people get cancer, and how these cancers, particularly those of the breast, ovary and stomach, develop from a normal cell. The laboratory also looks at why these cancers are often found together in the same families and share many similar characteristics.

We are looking for other genes that might predispose to breast or ovarian cancer, using families from the Australasian consortium of familial breast cancer, kConFab, to identify high-penetrance genes, and case-control studies to identify low-penetrance genes. In addition, the laboratory is studying an inherited form of gastric cancer which we have recently described.

The laboratory also has an interest in genes involved in response to chemotherapy in ovarian cancer patients, and have done a genome-wide association study in cases from the Australian Ovarian Cancer Study, with validation in additional cases from the Ovarian Association Consortium.

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Senior Scientist: Professor Georgia Chenevix-Trench

Postdoctoral staff: Jonathan Beesley, Sharon Johnatty, Jun Jun Li, Darrell Bessette, Karen McCue

Project Manager: Sue Healey

Data Manager: Helene Holland

Research Assistants: Xiaoqing Chen, Laura Sarimaa

Postgraduate students: Jasper Estranero, Sonja Helbig


We gratefully acknowledge the support of the following funding agencies:

  • National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia Program and Project Grants
  • National Breast Cancer Foundation
  • Department of Defense (USA)
  • Susan G Komen Foundation (USA)
  • Cancer Australia
  • Rio Tinto Ride to Conquer Cancer


Australian Ovarian Cancer Study

Breast Cancer Association Consortium (BCAC)

Consortium for Investigators of Modifiers of BRCA1/2 (CIMBA)

Professor David Bowtell, Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute

Dr Donal Brennan, Mater Medical Research Institute

Dr Nicole Cloonan, Genomic Biology, QIMR

Dr Jim Coward, Mater Medical Research Institute

Dr Anna DeFazio, Westmead Hospital

Dr Stacey Edwards, Functional Cancer Genomics, QIMR

Dr James Flanagan, Imperial College, London

Dr Juliet French, Functional Genetics, QIMR

Professor Michelle Haber, Children’s Cancer Institute of Australia, Sydney

kConFab, The Kathleen Cuningham Foundation Consortium for research into Familial Breast Cancer

Professor Kum Kum Khanna, Signal Transduction Laboratory QIMR

Professor Sunil Lakhani, The University of Queensland

Associate Professor Stuart Macgregor, Statistical Genetics Group, QIMR

Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium

Associate Professor Penny Webb, Gynaecological Cancers Group, QIMR

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