Strategic plan

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QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute Strategic Plan 2015-19

QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute aims to improve health by developing prevention strategies, new diagnostics and better health treatments.

Guiding values

  • Translation—the ability to bring research discoveries from the laboratory bench to the hospital bedside
  • Scientific quality—delivering high quality research aimed at preventing and curing disease throughout Queensland, Australia and the world
  • Commercial consequence—connecting with industry to boost health outcomes and economic benefits
  • Societal impacts—demonstrating the value in improving health and quality of life by addressing the major health needs of society
  • International reputation—attracting researchers, funding and collaborators from around the world to cement international recognition
  • Community engagement—working with the community to address health issues affecting their well-being

QIMR Berghofer's strategic objectives

Increase knowledge and strengthen reputation for scientific excellence

Key strategies 

  • Strengthen research activities
  • Sharpen the scientific focus
  • Recruit and retain excellent researchers

Attract and retain high-quality researchers

Key strategies

  • Introduce a career- development structure
  • Clarify organisational structures
  • Support researchers to promote retention
  • Provide a career structure for all researchers

Maintain a translational focus in research activities through clinical collaborations and clinical trials

Key strategies

  • Strengthen collaborations with clinical partners, especially those on the Herston campus
  •  Increase inter-institutional collaborations
  • Provide a full suite of activities from discovery through to translation, in particular through the Q-Pharm clinical trial facility and the upgrading of QGen to a GMP level cellular therapy unit

Increase funding annually

Key strategies

  • Diversify income sources
  • Recruit and retain the most grant-competitive researchers
  • Increase fundraising returns
  • Increase commercial returns

Increase engagement with the biotechnology sector

Key strategies

  • Develop a culture that supports commercial collaboration
  • Identify commercial opportunities at the earliest possible stage
  • Build a worldwide reputation as leaders in translational research

Inform and involve the community in research activities at QIMR Berghofer

Key strategies

  • Develop and strengthen QIMR Berghofer’s reputation for excellence in research
  • Inform the community of opportunities to become involved with QIMR Berghofer e.g. as a research volunteer, community fundraiser

Contribution to government objectives

QIMR Berghofer contributes to the Queensland Government’s objective of ‘Creating jobs for a diverse economy’. The Institute is experiencing a period of accelerated growth. We are actively recruiting researchers in areas of high importance to Queensland—including tropical diseases, vaccine development, cancer and genetics—to increase its capacity to approximately 1000 staff and students, offering more than 300 new jobs in Queensland. Each of the three themes; Cancer, Infectious Diseases and Mental Health/Complex Disorders has been selected to align with the needs of Queensland.

We directly contribute to the Queensland Government’s objectives relating to a stronger public health system by translating the knowledge we produce and discoveries we make into improved clinical practice. By advancing medical knowledge and improving public health, we also contribute to the Queensland Government’s objective of building a safe, connected and caring community. Our research in cancer is particularly important given our ageing population. Our work in infectious diseases, especially tropical diseases, is vital given the increasing numbers of people living in the tropics and the pole-ward migration of species due to climate change bringing tropical diseases closer to major population centres. Our research into mental health and complex disorders, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s and depression, addresses rises in the incidence of these diseases due to demographic and social changes. Our work is helping to broaden and deepen Queensland’s economic base, especially in the high-value, high-growth health and medical sector.

QIMR Berghofer is a translational research facility, where research develops from the laboratory bench through to the patient’s bedside. The Institute’s research supports different Queensland scientific and medical sectors by researching and creating new and improved treatments and screening programs for various diseases and disorders.

QIMR Berghofer’s research focuses on improving the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of a range of diseases and conditions relevant to Queenslanders, which will help address pressures facing the public health care sector, by lessening rates of disease, improving quality of life and health care practices.

Implementation and monitoring

The QIMR Berghofer Strategic Plan defines the scope and broad directions for all other planning activities undertaken by the Institute. Monitoring of performance will occur via systems and processes established to enable the Institute to report against its obligations as a statutory authority. Recently introduced performance assessment indicators will monitor 85 parameters and report annually on qualitative measures.